Monday, June 20, 2011

Babies Everywhere

I have mentioned in past posts that we have enjoyed this spring and all the new life that it has brought.  We have seen new piglets and calves born.  Our turkeys hatched out a couple of new chicks as well.  Two weeks ago, our cat had three cute little kittens.

This evening when I was out on the tractor doing some chores, I kept hearing a squeaky noise.  The boys and I started looking around the tractor expecting to find an injured mouse or other small rodent.  However, the squeaking sounded like it was coming from the tractor.  This seemed strange as the tractor wasn't running.  We popped the hood on the tractor and were surprised to find a good sized bird's nest built right on top of the engine.  We peeked inside the nest and found three hungry little birds next to two eggs that are yet to hatch.  It is really quite amazing that the bird would choose to build a nest here as I use the tractor frequently.  I debated relocating the nest but figured if the eggs had survived long enough to hatch that they would probably do better just leaving them alone. It is really amazing that this bird has been able to find her nest since I don't park the tractor in the same spot on our farm.  Usually I just leave the tractor wherever is convenient.  We thought this would be a cute farm video to share.  Enjoy!

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Amanda said...

My husband says this needs to be sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They have a competition and he says this is the best he's ever seen for weirdest nest places. And he's a big bird nerd and went to school there, so he's probably right. Here's the link, I think. I did a quick search, so hopefully it's right.
Thanks for sharing!