Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Finished Christmas Pork

We are excited to be offering a special treat this winter! In addition to feeding our pigs pasture, wholesome grain, and nutritious alfalfa, we will also be feeding our Berkshire pigs lots of fresh, crisp apples.

Feeding pigs apples, makes the pork even a little more tender and actually gives it a subtly sweet taste. The reason for this is that pigs don't fully break down the fats in the foods they consume. Rather they have a unique ability to deposit the fats from their food into their own fat. (I really simplified this, but I am sure you don't want a lesson in pig biology.) This is why feeding pigs the right feed is so important. We feed our pigs only feed that we wouldn't mind eating ourselves. Of course, we don't eat alfalfa but it is clean and nutritious enough that I wouldn't mind. While many farms will throw moldy hay and such to their pigs, we actually pay a premium for dairy grade alfalfa. The same goes for our grain and apples.

We are now taking orders for a December 20th delivery of mouth watering, delicious, wholesome, clean, pasture raised, humanely treated, all natural, Berkshire pork. We have many satisfied customers who can vouch for the taste and quality difference in Christiansen's Hog Heaven's pork. You have the choice of having your hams and bacon hickory smoked and cured with a brown sugar recipe or fresh. The curing process adds a small amount of nitrates to the meat. Some of our customers want to avoid the nitrates while others prefer the extra flavor that it offers. The same goes for the sausage. The recipe the butcher uses contains BHT which a preservative. Some customers love the flavor of their recipe and others prefer the fresh ground pork. Some of our customers are very talented and actually smoke their own meats and make their own sausage! Also since many of you will be having guests this winter, we can offer you larger hams by not cutting off hams slices and keeping the ham whole rather than cut it in half. We let you choose whatever is best for you and your families.

The butcher has offered to place the pork in boxes which will make it convenient to give as a gift to family and friends. Whether our bodies are down and chilled from the cold winter or our spirits are down and chilled from the roller coaster we call life, few things in this world bring warmth and cheer like fresh, wholesome, and nutritious food. An order of pork will be well received by a growing family, a neighbor who recently lost a job, or a friend who needs to know that somebody cares. To help make giving a little easier this year, we are going to offer 1/4 orders of pork.

A 1/4 order of pork will weigh on average 30-35 lbs and will contain approximately:

1 - Half Ham (4-5 lbs.)
5 packs of bacon or fresh side (uncured bacon)
6 packages of sausage or fresh ground pork
1 ham hock OR pack of spare ribs (each weighs 3-4 lbs)
2 shoulder roast (2-3 lbs)
10-12 pork chops
5 packages of ham slices (if fresh ham is ordered, there will not be any ham slices, instead the ham will be 2-3 lbs. larger. This can also be specified for a smoked/cured ham)

We are offering 1/4 order of premium pork in a box for easy gift giving at a flat rate of $150. For those wanting to order a 1/2 pork or whole pork the regular rates apply.

1/2 pork $3.25/lb (around $250-$275 total)
Whole pork $3.00/lb (around $450-$525 total)

Please send a $25 deposit for a 1/4 pork, $50 deposit for 1/2 pork, or $100 deposit for a whole pork to:

Christian Christiansen
Box 32
Vernon, UT 84080

We will soon have PayPal set up for your convenience as well. Your pork will not be reserved until the deposit is received.

Hurry! This pork will sell out quickly. Also, if you want to order multiple 1/4 porks for kids and grandkids or what not, we will work with you on the price so that it is closer to the half pork rates. As always feel free to contact us with any questions!

Ph. 435-839-3482


Momnerd said...

Is it too late to order the 1/4 lb. pig?

Christiansen's Hog Heaven said...

No we are still taking orders!