Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Grilling

The PERFECT Father's Day gift! Summer time means outdoor grilling. We are pleased to announce our new Grilling Package. This package includes ten 1 lb. packages of our popular preservative free bratwursts and ten 1 lb. packages of our dry aged hamburger patties.


Our bratwursts are made from our gourmet heritage breed pork. We use our own custom recipes that have no nitrates, BHT, BHA, or MSG. The pork is double ground before being stuffed into natural cased 1/4 lb links. No fillers, no "variety meats", not even pork trimmings are used. We use whole pork cuts like shoulder, loin, leg, etc... to make our bratwursts. To protect the freshness, we vacuum package the bratwursts, 4 links per package.

You choose 10 packages in any combination from the following flavors:
German Bratwurst
Jalapeno w/Monterrey Jack Cheese (about as spicy as medium salsa)
Sun-Dried Tomato w/Basil

Hamburger Patties:

Our hamburger patties are also a real treat. We start with dedicating an entire grass fed steer to ground beef. This means the whole beef gets ground and not just the trimmings. Before grinding the meat, the beef is dry aged for 2-3 weeks for optimal flavor. We then form the ground beef into four 1/4 lb. patties and vacuum package for freshness.

To specify your bratwursts flavors, simply enter the quantity of each flavor during the check out process in the box titled, "Instructions to Seller".
Grilling Package is available for our next delivery on 02 June 2012.  Order Here!


Rose Godfrey said...

There are gonna be some happy dads in Utah this Fathers Day!

Seth Packard said...

Just discovered that a lot of my health problems are likely coming from the arsenic in the foods I eat. Gunna start cleaning up my diet and so happy to have found you guys.