Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Blogger

It's official.  I am a bad blogger.  I can't believe how much time has gone by since our last post.  If anybody is still following this blog, please forgive our silence.  In our defense, we have been incredibly busy this summer and fall.  As some of you know, we have spent this year expanding our farm.  We had the opportunity to buy a larger plot of land on which we are in the process of moving our farm to.  We also built a new house which in and of itself was surprisingly time consuming.  This past weekend we moved into our new house which has been very exciting for our family.  We have also been moving all of our "farm junk" from the old place to the new place.  Farm junk includes barrels, railroad ties, containers, pallets, fencing, feeders etc...  It is stuff that isn't being used, but is handy to have around.

The turkeys and chickens have all been moved to our new place as well.  We haven't moved the pigs yet, but are hoping to in the next week or two.  The new pig area will have 12 watering stations compared to the two we have now.  It will also have a much better handling, sorting, loading area that will make rounding up pigs a breeze.  In order to provide water to the pigs, we had to dig a trench that was 800 feet long and 4 feet deep!  We also ran power to each watering station so we can keep the watering stations from freezing.  We are now needing to build pens and shelters which we will start this weekend if the weather cooperates.  There has been a lot of thought and time spent laying out the new farm.  We want to utilize the ground as efficiently as possible.  We also want to be as energy efficient as possible.  While we have accomplished a lot less than we had hoped in terms of setting up our new farm, we are pleased with the results.  We certainly want to thank our family and neighbors who have helped and continue to help.  We especially would like to thank our loyal customers for supporting our farm.  It is because of our customers that we have been able to justify the expansion of our farm.  Thank you!

We promise to post pictures soon!   

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