Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pig Date at Viking Cooking School

The "Pig Date" at Viking Cooking School was a ton of fun!  We learned from the master as we watched Executive Chef Jim Light work his magic in the state of the art Viking Kitchen.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of our loyal customers better.  We spent around 4 hours cooking, talking, and enjoying ourselves.  The highlight of the evening of course was eating that absolute best meal, I think any of us had ever had the pleasure of eating.  As the farmer, it was thrilling to see the potential that our pork has when it was prepared by somebody who knows what they are doing.  One of the crown roasts was provided by us and the other two, Jim had bought elsewhere.  Hollie and I felt a sense of pride when everybody there could easily identify which roast came from us.  The marbeling that our pork posesses is easily identifiable.

We were also surprised to see Kathy Stephenson, Food Editor at the Salt Lake Tribune there.  She interviewed Hollie and I and will be featuring our farm in Wednesday's (Jan. 6, 2010) newspaper.  We are flattered to be included in the newspaper and look forward to any response it may bring us.

As I mentioned we enjoyed a wonderful meal and were excited when we found out that we get to take home the recipes!  Hopefully, we will be able to plan another event later this year. We would like to give a special thanks to Jim and his crew for hosting such a special evening. Here are some pictures from our Pig Date!

PS. Check our post again in a couple of days for an exciting announcement!  (Hint: Meat CSA)


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