Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grass Fed Beef!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Grass Fed Beef!  We will be limited in supply as we begin, but we will have more as we approach summer and fall of 2010.  There are huge nutritional differences between beef finished on pasture vs. grain.  I won't go into the details here as most of you already understand the benefits.  For those of you who are learning, I promise to post more soon.

Our Murray Grey steers are treated humanely and have lots of pasture to roam on.  In the winter time, we supplement their feed with a premium quality grass/alfalfa mixture that the cows just love.  There are absolutely no antibiotics, growth hormones or any other weird stuff used.  Our cows are not in areas where plants like sage or rabbit brush can be consumed and cause the to meat taste funny.  We do not feed our cows grain.  They are "finished" on pasture.  This will give the beef a rich, delicious but different taste to the meat than the meat sold in stores.  The beef is also much leaner than grain fed beef which offers more health benefits and more meat for your dollar as you don't have to trim off lots of fat.  Lean beef does not mean that its dry.  In fact our Grass Fed Beef is very tender and juicy.

We are committed to offering our customers the cleanest, most natural, beyond organic, healthy, nutrient dense, and delicious food possible.  Our beef is dry aged by our USDA certified butcher for a full 21 days before being hand-carved into mouthwatering steaks, roasts, and hamburger.  Dry aging the beef for this amount of time tenderizes the beef and helps capture the full potential of its flavor.  Consider that store bought beef is typically on display within 3-4 days of harvesting the animal.  What little aging it gets is done through a wet age process.  The bottom line is this, just like you have noticed a huge and dramatic difference in our pork from other pork, so too will you notice a huge difference in our beef.  Our beef has flavor! And the flavor is in the meat not just the fat like we are accustomed to with store bought and grain fed beef.  Plus our beef is local and not shipped back and forth all over the country.

We understand that we are all in different circumstances whether it be the amount of space we have, the size of the budget we work with, or the number of mouths we feed.  We will therefore be offering our beef by the whole, half, quarter, or eighth!

A typical beef will have a hanging weight of 600-700 lbs.  Sometimes they will be a little smaller and sometimes a little larger but that range is what we shoot for.  Roughly 75% of this will be take home cuts of meat.  The loss is due primarily to bones being cut out (bone loss) and a little fat trimmed (fat loss).  (Pork is much more efficient in this regard.)  Variety meats like liver and heart are available on request.  Just keep in mind that since a beef could potentially be divided among 8 customers that there may not be enough for everybody who would like it.  Prices are based on the hanging weight as this is how the butcher measures and charges us and includes cut and wrap and delivery to a central location.

Whole Beef - $3.00/lb ($400 deposit)
Half Beef - $3.25/lb ($200 deposit)
Quarter Beef - $3.50/lb ($100 deposit)
Eighth Beef - $3.75/lb ($50 deposit)

Please send deposits (checks are fine) to:

Christian Christiansen
PO Box 32
Vernon, UT 84080

Our first mouthwatering, nutrient dense grass fed beef will be available around the end of January/first of February 2010.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thank you for supporting your local farmer!

PS. We are in the process of setting up a new website which will take online payments and make future ordering easier.

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