Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Mamma

We would like to thank our customers for the overwhelming response that we had in selling our first group of Berkshire pigs. We are excited that you are excited about having Local, All Natural, Humanely Treated, Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork. Although we have raised pigs in the past, we are new to this level of farming. We have now sold all of the pork we had for sale. We have started a waiting list and have pretty much sold out on the next litter of pigs we will be raising. We are now glad that we have already purchased 4 more Berkshire sows. We are in the process of breeding them and hopefully by this time next year we will have 4-5 times the amount of pork for sale. Our goal is to operate our farm in an open, honest, and transparent manner. We would love to hear your feedback as we move forward.

We are anxiously awaiting a new litter of purebred Berkshires! Big Mamma is getting bigger every day. We figure she should be due around Mother’s Day. How appropriate! Since we let our pigs run together in the field and let nature take its course, we don’t always see when the sows come into heat. Big Mamma has very large litters for the Berkshire breed. The average is 6-8 piglets/litter for Berkshires; however Big Mamma gave birth to 13 piglets the last time she farrowed. (Farrowing is the term used when pigs give birth.) Two of them were stillborn which is always sad but fairly normal and part of life on the farm. She is such a good mom and weaned off all 11 piglets.

Yesterday, my five year old son, Hans, came out with me to check on Big Mamma. She was lying down in the straw inside one of the huts. She is very tired these days! She just looked at us and we could tell she wasn’t very comfortable. We decided to scratch her and try and make feel a little better. We started scratching her sides, right away she rolled onto her side so we could scratch her belly. She loved it and closed her eyes as we worked our way down to her belly. While we were there, we could feel the little piglets kicking around. For those of you have felt a baby kick while in the womb, try 10-14 little guys all moving and kicking. It seems very busy in there, no wonder she is so exhausted! All that scratching that Hans and I were doing quickly relaxed Big Mamma and before long, she was snoring. We quietly got up and let her get some rest. At times our pig farm is very hectic and stressful. This was a very peaceful and rewarding moment. I thank the Lord I was able to share it with my son.


Anonymous said...

We purchased one of the pigs from these guys. We got it on Friday, we would have BBQed some chops that night, but we already had dinner planned. We waited until yesterday to BBQ the chops. Let me tell you, these are far tastier, juicer and tender than anything I have ever bought at those big box stores. You can honestly see and taste the difference. If you happen to be lucky enough to be on their list, stay on it!!! Thank you again, Raquel

Christiansen's Hog Heaven said...

Raquel, it was very nice to meet you. We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying the pork. Take care, Christian